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Field & Forage Yarn is an annual study in local colour. The 'Field' process starts in March, when we start traditional dye plants in the greenhouse. For eight months we tend our colour until it is ready for harvesting and drying for later dye use. The 'Forage' process occurs throughout the year as we gather invasive plant species and salvage locally available dye sorces from unlikely places. Yarn is then hand-dyed in the skein to produce the year's unique terroir of colour. To learn more about why we started the Field & Forage line, read our blog, Field & Forage Naturally Dyed Yarn: a study in colour

This inaugural years collection, 2017, was created in collaboration with fibre artist, Megan Samms, on a Mule Spinner 2-Ply 100% Wool Yarn. 


The 2017 dyestuffs are:

Dyer's Coreopsis - grown at the Mill

Marigolds - grown at the Mill

Dyer's Chamomile - grown at the Mill

Hopi Sunflower - grown at the Mill and at Olds Community Garden, Olds, Alberta

Carrot Tops - grown at Blue Mountain Biodynamic Farm, Carstairs, Alberta

Pernambuco - gifted salvage from Bert Jackson Violins, Acme, Alberta

Tansy - an invasive plant species removed from the Bow River valley, Alberta


About Megan Samms

Megan Samms is a natural dyer, spinner, knitter, and weaver who splits her time between her studio in Northern British Columbia and her fire tower in Northern Alberta. She is an exceptionally talented natural dyer and worker of all things textile. We had the pleasure of hosting her here at the mill as our 2016 Custom Woolen Mills Millstay fibre artist.  

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Field & Forage 2-Ply - 2017
Field & Forage Yarn is an annual study in local colour. The 'Field' process starts ..