Welcome to Custom Woolen Mills

Carded Wool, Yarns, Wool Fill Bedding, and Knitwear

Proudly 100% Grown and Processed in Canada.



We've got special summer hours:


For the months of May through September, in addition to our regular hours, we are open on the last Saturday of the month from 12pm to 4pm. We are also offering guided tours again at 2pm on Fridays and on the Last Saturday dates - visit our Mill Tour page for details.


The 2016 Last Saturday dates are:


May 28th, 12pm to 4pm

June 25th, 12pm to 4pm   **Evening Event: Slow Food meets Slow Fibre at Custom Woolen Mills**

July 30th, 12pm to 4pm

August 27th, 12pm to 4pm

September 24th, 12pm to 4pm  **Special Event: Natural Dyeing Demonstration by artist Megan Samms, 1pm**


Our regular hours are:


Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm. Closed on weekends and holidays.


Please note: we ARE NOT located in the town of Carstairs, but rather, about 25 minutes east - use our map for directions.






Custom Woolen Mills