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Wool Rovings

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The 100% Wool Rovings are available in our full spectrum of colors. The rovings are made using predominantly dorset type wool, a wool with medium fibre thickness and good durability. They are approximately 3 inches in diameter. Price is per lb.

Rovings (also called roping) are thick, continuous cords of carded wool for use in hand-spinning, hooking rugs and saddle pads, and felt making.

Additional information

Weight 0.48000000 kg
Dimensions 45 × 15 × 15 cm
Carded Wool Colours

#01 Natural White, #02 Natural Light Grey, #03 Natural Medium Grey, #04 Natural Dark Grey, #26-02 Light Payne's Grey, #26-03 Medium Payne's Grey, #23-04B Dark Payne's Grey, #05 Natural Black, #65BL Seal Black, #23 Dyed Black, #20H9 Medium Brown Heather, #20 Brown, #65 Seal Brown, #23-04A Seal Grey, #119 Beige Heather, #118 Mauve Heather, #18 Mauve, #17 Purple, #17F Neon Purple, #06 Royal Blue, #20H6 Seal Blue Heather, #06H17 New Navy Heather, #06H7 Blue Galaxy Heather, #17H15 Purple Galaxy Heather, #103 Plum Heather, #06H5 Royal Blue Heather, #25 Slate Blue, #25H12 Slate Blue Heather, #101 Jade Heather, #J2 Sky Blue Heather, #07 Light Blue, #09 Turquoise, #125 Denim Heather, #08 Sea Green, #110 Forest Green Heather, #24 Moss Green, #124 Moss Green Heather, #24H2 New Moss Green Heather, #126 Sage Green Heather, #10 Emerald Green, #30 Grass Green, Key Lime, #12F Neon Yellow, #112 Yellow Heather, #28 Orange, Fox Heather, #12A Gold, #113 Sunset Heather, #129 Peach, #99 Peach Heather, #20H1 Rust Heather, #116 Wine Red Heather, #16 Red, #M1 Raspberry Heather, #21 Dark Plum, #22 Light Plum, #114 Dark Pink Heather, #14F Neon Pink

7 reviews for Wool Rovings

  1. Laurie

    Great for needle-felting. Felts up quickly, nice surface finish that is not too "hairy". Rich colours. Some vegetable matter, but not excessive.

  2. Samantha

    Very nice for needle felting!

  3. Margaret W--Nova Scotia

    I'm thrilled with the quality--perfect for dry felting dryer balls! Delivery was timely and packaging convenient--love the volume explosion when removed from the one-pound bag. Will definitely order again!

  4. Carol

    I knit wool liners for skido boots works for me.....

  5. Jolene

    LOVE this wool. Nice surface, felts fast, great colors

  6. Jay

    I'd been getting wool from the states for needle felting and with shipping and duty it was unaffordable. So glad to find a Canadian source at a good price. The core wool had a lot of vegetable matter in it, maybe just that particular batch of sheep were rolling in pine needles, but since it was core wool it didn't matter too much. The coloured wool is clean and lovely and felts well. I will be ordering again.

  7. Val

    I am very happy to have found this source for wool for felting. Prices elsewhere are discouragingly high. The first order arrived promptly and the wool felts well as far as i am my husband are able to determine as we are beginner's and have little to compare it too. A hearty thank you! to everyone at Custom Woolen Mills!

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