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Cold Country Comforter

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The Cold Country Comforter is filled with 100% pure new wool and covered with 100% cotton.


The Cold Country Comforter is available in seven sizes:

crib: approximately 15cm x 114cm; 60inches x 45inches; 1.25lbs wool

Single: approximately 203cm x 158cm; 80inches x 62inches; 2.5lbs wool

3/4 twin: approximately 203cm x 178cm; 80inches x 70inches; 3lbs wool

Double Size: 228cm x 178cm; 88inches x 70inches; 3lbs of wool

Large Double: approximately 228cm x 203cm; 88inches x 80inches; 3.5lbs wool

Queen: approximately 228cm x 244cm; 96inches x 88inches; 4lbs wool

King: approximately 228cm x 274cm; 108inches x 88inches; 5lbs wool


We recommend using a duvet-style slipcover with your comforter for easier cleaning and care.

100% Canadian Wool processed and quilted at Custom Woolen Mills, Alberta, Canada.

Visit our Caring for Your Woolens page for easy cleaning and care instructions

Comforter featured in image is a Queen Size.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Bedding Size

King, Queen, Large Double, Double, 3/4 Twin, Single, Crib

Cotton Fabric

Bleached Cotton, Unbleached Cotton, Organic Cotton

4 reviews for Cold Country Comforter

  1. Sue

    Several years ago I sent some of our alpaca fiber to be processed into a comforter, loving down but not knowing how alpaca and wool would be. The product I got back has far exceeded my expectations! Custom did a wonderful job of creating just the right comforter for our area climate. We are on year 5 I think and we have had no problems with workmanship or quality. In fact we loved it so much we have also had another one made, a pillow, and will be having a king size made for a family wedding present. The comforters are so comfy that we hate having to store it for the summer months. Hey Custom Wool, how about offering a "blanket" comforter? Just enough fiber to insulate and regulate in the warm summer nights.

  2. Jacquie

    I am so in LOVE with these wool comforters. I purchased the king size years ago through a store that sells these and couldn't have been happier. After much deliberation on trying to find the right material and to invest in a quality duvet that would last I came upon wool. I was nervous to purchase wool as I thought it would be much too heavy for warmer nights but I am shocked at how amazing it is at regulating body temperature and moisture. I had my doubts but I will never go back to down or synthetics. Loving the fact that I can support a local Alberta business as most Wool duvets I had looked at are imported wool from Australia. Unfortunately my husband decided to wash our wool duvet in the washing machine and it has now shrunk to the size of a double. I will be reinvesting in the King again once when I can. Thanks for a quality product!

  3. Heather

    This comforter is incredible, and worth the investment! My family went to the woolen mill during open farm day this year and got to see the process of how they’re made, which was wonderful in itself. We decided to do invest in comforters for our entire family, ranging in age from seven to my nonagenarian grandmother, and couldn’t be happier with our purchase! They’re warm but not heavy, they’re breathable, and they have a pleasant weight that make them comfy to be under. I honestly didn’t know I could have feelings this strong about a comforter, but turns out I just never had a great one

  4. Susan

    I love this comforter and just purchased a second one for the guest room. I use a king size comforter on our queen size bed so when my husband grabs the covers and rolls over, I am still covered. So warm and toasty for Ottawa winters, but a bit too warm for summer. A lighter weight (maybe 3 pounds?) would be good for summer. A bit longer would be nicer, too. I think some of the length gets used up during the quilting process. Another 6-8 inches longer would be great. But I still love it - far superior to down duvets that seem to lose their loft in a year or two. I look forward to years of warmth.

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