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Prairie Wool Bulky 6-Strand 100% Wool

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Prairie Wool Bulky 6-Strand rolls are six strands of carded, unspun wool for knitting, spinning, or felting. They are made from 100% pure new Dorset-type wool, giving them lots of loft. They are excellent for knitting the heavy outdoor sweaters iconic to the Canadian west and can be substituted into the old White Buffalo Yarn patterns roll for roll.

They are available in the natural Sheep Shade colourway, Col 01 through Col 05, and a large selection of Standard Dyed heathers. Price is per 8oz roll.

There are approximately 121 m or 132 yd per 226 gms / 8 oz roll. For knitting, we recommend using 6mm-8mm needles, 5sts/5cm.

This is a Bulky to Super Bulky weight yarn according to the Craft Yarn Council's Yarn Standard. You can find their simple guide to yarn weights here.

Please note: due to the small batch nature of our yarns, colour pooling can occur (though we work very hard to avoid it). When knitting large swatches of a single colour, we recommend introducing a new ball of yarn slowly by alternating balls row for row.

100% Canadian Wool processed at Custom Woolen Mills, Alberta, Canada.

Additional information

Weight 0.25000000 kg
Dimensions 22 × 17 × 12 cm
Yarn Colour

#01 Natural White, #02 Natural Light Grey, #03 Natural Medium Grey, #04 Natural Dark Grey, #05 Natural Black, #23 Dyed Black, #20H9 Medium Brown Heather, #20W Warm Brown, #65 Seal Brown Heather, #119 Beige Heather, #17H15 Purple Galaxy Heather, #20H6 Seal Blue Heather, #06H5 Royal Blue Heather, #25H12 Slate Blue Heather, Iris, #125 Denim Heather, #08H7 Sea Foam Heather, #24H2 New Moss Green Heather, #126 Sage Green Heather, #D12H2 Golden Harvest Heather, Fox Heather, #20H1 Rust Heather, #116 Wine Red Heather, #16H3 Lipstick Red Heather, #16H1 Fire Red Heather, #M1 Raspberry Heather

11 reviews for Prairie Wool Bulky 6-Strand 100% Wool

  1. Erika

    I ordered some of this 6-strand wool with the intention of crocheting an area rug for in front of my fireplace. I knew it would be a bulkier yarn (which is what I was looking for) but I didn't think it would be so soft!! What a bonus. Might just need to hold off on my dream area rug and make a cozy sweater first. Either way, I am going to be ordering more of this.

  2. Dave

    This wool is the best stuff ever. I've been really happy with it. It knits very quickly.

  3. Sally Clark

    I ordered this wool for a white buffalo sweater for my son in law. Unfortunately during the high River flood, i lost half of it. The staff was very helpful in helping me choose a dye vat that closely matched the pre flood wool. It looks great and one can hardly tell the difference in color plus it is great to work with fast and soft. Highly recommend it! Will be back for more!

  4. Jocelyn

    I actually wanted to call in the order - but was unable to because I couldn't get a code number for each ball Response from CWM: We are always happy to help folks over the phone, whether you have the product number or not - just give us a call!!

  5. Roz1351

    I tried using a differrent company 5 strand wool for making hats, i just struggled thru the whole thing. This year i am using cwmills 6strand bulky, and cant believe how easy it is to use. Just pulls through the needle so easily. Love love it. Have it all listed on my raverly stash.

  6. Suzanne W

    I made a swatch as soon as I received my order which was delivered quickly. This wool is the best stuff ever for wool jackets or heavy sweaters. It is lofty and soft! I was impressed by the look of the "skeins". Is this the right name for these large marshmallow looking, lightly sheep scented puffs? This is real wool indeed!

  7. Northof60

    This is making some really nice toques. Blooms nicely after a soak in Eucalan. I would prefer some lanolin to be left in the Wool for these heavy toques and sweaters.

  8. Aunti Trudi

    I'm so glad that a Canadian company has stepped into the gap left by White Buffalo. Prairie Wool, with its wide range of colors, is an absolute treat to knit. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Custom Woolen Mills.

  9. Liane

    This wool is incredible. When it first arrived I was a little daunted by the texture (I had never worked with unspun wool) but I found it was easy to work with. I made a beautiful zip cardigan for my nephew using two colours. I wish I could post a photo, the results were spectacular.

  10. Holly

    I adore this wool. My grandma always made slippers and wool jackets with it growing up. I am so pleased to carry on the tradition and to have this wool available. Ot is so soft and fluffy and when I find little bits of hay in the wool it just makes me feel like I am so close to the animal and nature. Love this product.

  11. Nikki

    I was so excited to get my rolls of this wool! It's soft and strong and spins up beautifully, and the colours are lovely! These rolls will keep me spinning for a good while!

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