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Custom Woolen Mills is a small, family owned and operated woolen mill located near Carstairs, Alberta, Canada.

Using turn-of-the-century industrial revolution machinery, we have been providing quality woolen and exotic fibre products to our loyal customers for over 35 years.

In the Beginning...

Fen Roessingh and husband Bill Purves-Smith developed a keen interest in weaving while studying at the Leighton Centre near Calgary, Alberta in the 1970's. After being given a truck-load of raw wool in order to pursue their weaving, they began searching to find a mill that would process it into yarn. This took them to Magrath, Alberta, to work with John Moors in his mill, Wool Carding and Spinning. John had started in the woolen mill business at the age of 12 as a bobbin boy and worked his way up to running his own mill. When Fen and Bill came to work with him, John was in his 70's and looking for someone to take over his business. Game for a challenge and motivated by their love of fibre arts, Fen and Bill bought the mill from John and moved it to Carstairs. They then acquired a wool washing system and additional carding machines from a small mill called Custom Woolen Mills in Sifton, Manitoba. 

The mill was owned by Anna Weselowski who, also in her 70's, was looking to retire. Combined, the new mill was called Custom Woolen Mills Ltd. Wool Carding and Spinning, but everyone just called it Custom Woolen Mills for short.

Over 35 years later, Custom Woolen Mills is still going strong; a hub in the community, a multigenerational family enterprise, and a producer of quality, Canadian grown and manufactured wool products.

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Our Products

We are proud to offer a wide selection of carded wools, yarns, bedding, socks, hand-woven blankets, hand-knit garments and kits, and felted items. 

The wool we use is sourced directly from farmers in Western Canada and through the Canadian Co-operative Wool Growers, then hand-sorted at our mill to ensure the best possible product. Since we complete each step of processing right in our mill - from washing and dyeing to spinning and knitting to quilting - we have products to suit any fibre enthusiast's needs. 

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Our Customers

Our customers are just as varied and versatile as our products. In addition to our retail line, we also provide custom processing of people's own wool.

This means that we are able to provide fine washed locks and carded wools to fibre artists, luxury bedding to sleep connoisseurs, custom hand-woven blankets to farms for their market stalls. And that's just the beginning! Whether you want to buy a single skein of yarn for a project you are working on, or you have 100 ewes and want to market your own farm label, we have the products and services for you! 

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We are one of the few wool processing mills in Canada that still starts with raw fibre. Using our antique woolen processing equipment, we card and spin a variety of animal fibres. Contact us now to place your custom wool production order and experience the unbeatable quality of timeless craftsmanship.

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