Wool for Footcare and Blister Prevention

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Wool for Footcare and Blister Prevention
Wool for Footcare and Blister Prevention
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All Natural 100% Wool Roping for preventative and therapeutic use in shoes, hiking boots, dance slippers, and other footwear to combat pressure points, sores, and blisters. It can also be used to prevent surface friction against sensitive skin recovering from wounds and amputations. 

This natural wool product is: moisture absorbing, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, processed without added chemicals. To use, tear a small amount of wool from the package and place it next to the skin where pressure points or hot spots are developing then secure it in place under your sock or clothing. It is best to use wool as a preventative measure prior to a blister or sore actually developing; once a blister has developed, wool can only be used to reduce discomfort. Do not use directly on broken skin. 

Price is per 1 oz bag.

100% Canadian Wool processed at Custom Woolen Mills, Alberta, Canada. 



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