CWM Natural Dye Club

Join the Custom Woolen Mills Natural Dye Club!

We are so pleased to collaborate with fibre artist, Megan Samms, to offer the Custom Woolen Mills Natural Dye Club subscription. This yearly, limited quantity, subscription is a great way to learn the step-by-step processes of dyeing yarn with natural, plant-based dyes - from raw plant material to dyed yarn and finished knitted item.  How does it work? Once you purchase a subscription, we send you a this years kit with natural 100% wool yarn, a pattern, and instructions for signing in with the group. Once you sign in, you'll start receiving email correspondence as we all go through the process together of growing or gathering our natural dye plant material,  harvesting ripe dye-stuff, preparing and mordanting our yarn for dyeing, dyeing our yarn, and then knitting up the finished project. The majority of the correspondence will be between the months of March and September. 

Each year has a new, unique pattern and compliment of natural dyeing techniques to be learned, making the club great for both newcomers and return members alike!

Price is per subscription and does not include shipping of the kit. All correspondence for the CWM Natural Dye Club is by email only. New subscriptions available only until the end of March 2018. 

Learn more about why we started the CWM Natural Dye Club in our blog Announcing the CWM Natural Dye Club 2017.


About Megan Samms

Megan Samms is a natural dyer, spinner, knitter, and weaver who splits her time between her studio in Northern British Columbia and her fire tower in Northern Alberta. She is an exceptionally talented natural dyer and worker of all things textile. We had the pleasure of hosting her here at the mill as our 2016 Custom Woolen Mills Millstay fibre artist.  

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