Duvet Covers and Pillow Cases


We are pleased to offer a selection of incredable Maiwa Handprints Ltd 100% Organic Cotton Duvet Covers and Pillow Cases custom sized to use with our 100% Wool Fill Bedding. 



Maiwa Handprints is a small, Vancouver-based company with a big impact! Working directly with villages in India that produce the traditional hand-printed Ajrakh, Dabu, and Kalamkari textiles, their mission is two-fold; to offer hand-printed, naturally dyed, 100% organic cotton textiles to the North American market, and to preserve the centuries-old textile techniques unique to each village. They achieve this by paying prices that reflect the exceptional skill required to produce such textiles, creating economic self-sufficiency within the village and ensuring that these traditional methods pay their way into the future. 


"It may be only a simple sheet, but for us it means the livelihood for many communities of artisans - natural dye farmers, block carvers, blockprinters, dyers, weavers, spinners, tailors. Colours are obtained from natural dyes. Indigo, madder, cutch, marigold are just some of the plants that are used to dye our linens, silks, cottons and wools." - Maiwa Handprints Ltd.


There are three distinct types of cloth represented in the Maiwa Handprints Bedding: Ajrakh, Dabu, and Kalamkari.

Ajrakh Cloth is from the Kutch Desert region of India. It is block-printed either directly using indigo, madder root, and pomegranate rind or with a sticky mud resist then immersion dyed to create many different tones of colour. The designs are very intricate and tend to be more geometrical. 

Dabu Cloth is from the Rajasthan region of India. It is created using a unique mud resist that is block printed on to the fabric prior to imersion dyeing in local natural dyes. The blocked pattern is then lighter than the overall colour of the fabric.

Kalamkari Cloth is from Southern India. These persian themed textiles are made using a cobination of block-printing, pen work, and immersion dying in local natural dyes to create finely detailed patterns.

To care for your 100% cotton blockprinted duvet cover or pillow case, machine wash on gentle in cool water with a mild, neutral soap such as ZERO. Immediately either hang to dry or tumble dry on medium heat. 

Available in store only, please contact us for current selection and pricing. Alternately, you can order directly from Maiwa, but you will need to have them make you a custom sized one to use with our bedding.