100% Wool Felted Mats

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100% Wool Felted Mats
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The 100% Wool Felted Mats are made from wet felted Merino or Rambouillet carded wool. They are excellent for needle felting on to or for using as thick, felted, fabric for things like mitts, boot liners, bed pads, and baby soakers. They are a soft felt, so can easily be added onto with needle felting or wet felting techniqes. They can also be washed down to make a harder felt. They are availble in our full spectrum of colours. For bed or baby soaker pads, we recommend you get them in natural white.

Each mat measures approximately 20 inches x 24 inches and weights 0.5 lbs. Price is per mat. 

Each matt is made once ordered - this can impact delivery times. Please contact us for approximate delivery times for your order. 

100% Canadian Wool processed at Custom Woolen Mills, Alberta, Canada.

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