Carded Wool

Wool carding is the process of brushing the wool fibres to organize them. It creates a continuous web of fibres that can be layed out flat into batting, rolled into rovings, or split into spinning rolls. 

Depending on the grade and breed of wool used, 100% wool batting (also known as wool batts) can be used for quilting, wet-felting, mattress stuffing, or house insulation. 100% wool rovings (also known as wool roping) are excellent for hand-spinning, needle-felting, locker-hooking, making wool saddle pads, doll stuffing, or log home insulation. Spinning rolls can be used for hand-spinning and creating marled yarns for bulky knitting. 

All of our 100% wool and wool blend carded products are made of 100% pure new wool and exotic fiber sourced direct from farmers in Western Canada and through the Canadian Co-operative Wool Growers. Canadian wool is noticeably different than other wool - our sheep live in extreme temperatures and so their wool is loftier (more fluffy and bulky) and often of better quality than other wools. Learn more about the Canadian Wool We Use and How it is Grown in our blog!

To protect the quality of the wool and our environment, we practice minimal processing without the use of harsh chemicals. We do not superwash wool so that all of its best natural characteristic are maintained. Learn more about wool processing in our blog, Wool Textiles and the R’s of Sustainability Part 1: Rethink and Refuse.


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