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Reprocessing Your Wool Filled Comforter

Published February 1, 2017.
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One of the remarkable things about wool is that it remains functional for a very long time - something that makes it a great sustainable textile. The wool in a Cold Country 100% Wool-Filled Comforter can easily outlive its fabric covering, but there is no need for it to go to waste! You can send the wool back to Custom Woolen Mills to be reprocessed and covered with new fabric and, because you are providing your own wool, the price is less than a new comforter from our shop.


There are just a few simple things you need to do to prepare the wool from your comforter for reprocessing. You will need a seam ripper for these things. A seam ripper is a standard sewing kit tool for taking apart seams. They are available at most drug stores and craft stores. You can check out this youtube video by Professor Pincushion if you need instructions on how to use a seam ripper.


First, test your wool to make sure it is not shrunken or felted. You can do this by opening up the stitching on a corner of your comforter to access the wool. Try to pull the wool batting apart with your fingers. If tufts can easily be pulled from it we will be able to reprocess the wool using our machinery. If it has been shrunken and is felted or matted and tufts cannot be easily pulled from it by hand we will not be able to reprocess the wool.


Opening a corner


Opening a corner 2

Pulling a tuft

If the wool is able to be reprocessed then proceed to remove the rest of the fabric covering and sewing thread with your seam ripper.


Taking apart a comforter

Old wool batting


Once this is done, package your wool up to be shipped to the mill. Include clear instructions on the size and type of fabric you want it re-quilted with. You can refer to our Survival Notes for Custom Processing for instructions about how to send your wool for processing or contact us for more info.

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