Custom Wool Processing


A tradition that started in 1976, we are pleased to offer custom wool processing into carded wool, yarn, wool bedding, knitted goods, and handwoven blankets. 

For products and prices, please refer to our Custom Wool Processing Price List. All prices are based on the finished weight of the product and include all processing steps required to create that product. Examples of the products we offer can be found in the Wool Shop section of our website. We classify the weight of our yarns according to the Craft Yarn Council's Yarn Standards, You can find their simple guide to yarn wieghts here

All prices are in Canadian dollars; for current exchange rates go to

There are many different breeds of sheep and each one produces wool with different characteristics. For example, some wool types provide loft and resistance to felting, making superior bedding products, while others are exceptionally soft and are well suited for next-to-the-skin knitwear.  Choosing the appropriate product for your wool type or project aspirations is important. If this is your first time having wool processed, please feel free to contact us via phone or email for information regarding the wool characteristics of your breed of sheep and to disscuss processing options to ensure the product you get meets your needs. 

We can also reprocess the wool from our wool-filled bedding products. Follow these simple instructions to prepare your old comforter for reprocessing and contact us if you have further questions. Custom wool processing prices apply. 

Prior to sending wool to be processed, we encourage you to carefully review the following:

Survival Notes for Custom Processing

Important Notes for American Customers


Custom Woolen Mills is always looking to purchase clean, high-quality white and coloured raw wool directly from farmers. We are interested in many different breed-types of wool. If you are a Western Canadian sheep producer and have wool for purchase, please contact us to discuss this option.