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A Wise Man Knows His Own Socks

Published September 5, 2017.
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"A wise man knows his own socks". It's a thing our punning patriarch used to say and, when you pause to think about it, you recognize a basic truth that dedicated sock knitters the world over know - a good pair of socks will do more than keep the toes warm; they will warm the heart, they will ground the body, they will inspire the mind. And, with that fine sentiment, we are pleased to announce our new yarn line, CWM Sock Yarn!

A mule-spun, woolen sock yarn made from a blend of 100% Canadian grown merino, rambouillet, and dorset breed wools with an added 30% nylon, CWM Sock Yarn combines softness and durability into a lofty yarn for excellent warmth and comfort. Available in a 4-Ply and a 2-Ply, CWM Sock Yarn is sure to keep your needles clicking along while you contemplate the intricacies of the universe and a good pair of socks.

Each seasonal, limited quantity colourway is inspired by a historical wise person. This season we have nine new fun and beautiful solid colours and three complimentary marls - can you guess who the colourway is inspired by based on the hints in the yarn names? Check it out in our online store and send your best guess in by email to with the subject "sock yarn competition"  - at the end of October we will put all the correct answers into a draw for 1 lb of the new sock yarn!


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