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Midway Community Presents

Published July 19, 2017.
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Join us at the Mill on Saturday, July 29th for "Midway Community Presents" - a market event and saskatoon u-pick showcasing some of the local community's talented growers, artists, and entrepreneurs!

Custom Woolen Mills is nestled out in the country between the towns of Carstairs, Didsbury, and Linden in an area known as Midway Community.  Historically, there was a little country school (where all of us who grew up at the mill attended), a curling rink that held bonspiels, and a community hall for dances - the community was a bustling place. As time has passed farms have gotten bigger and more people commute out of the area for work resulting in less people in the area and less interaction between the ones that remain. However, under the surface, Midway community is still a bustling place. Rural folks are industrious and there are many who are growing top quality food, making inspired artwork, and running home businesses that offer products and services to their rural neighbours and we want you to meet them! From 12pm to 4pm we'll have neighbour businesses such as Bancroft Beef, SOON Studio, Ziegler Stone Designs, and Soul EsScentials showcasing their products and services.


We will also have a saskatoon u-pick going. The picking conditions are quite wild, but the berries are chemical free, delicious, and a great price - $10.00/4 litre bucket (around 5 lbs). If you plan on u-picking make sure to bring appropriate gear such as a hat, sunglasses, comfortable shoes, and potentially a pair of long pants (you may be walking in tall grass).

See you there!!


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