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The Twisted Sister's Knitting Guild

Published June 5, 2014.
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Allow me to introduce to you the Twisted Sister's Knitting Guild, a group of absolutely wonderful ladies and gentlemen who share a passion for all things fibre. Spanning east-central Alberta, the guild members gather weekly to swap their latest knitting, weaving, felting, and spinning projects and to just generally have a great time.


For the mill, the guild is our go to place to share new yarns and products, and the knitters among them are always willing to make and test patterns. Basically, if we have a fibre related quandary, someone in the guild will know the answer and, for that, we are ever grateful. They are also the makers of all the Twisted Yarns Company Hand Painted Yarns and such wonderful hand-knits as the Stained Glass and the Twirling Lace mitts, toques, and knitting kits that we sell in our shop.


Last week was one of the guild retreats - three days of fibre filled fun! There was a little bit of everything happening: knitting, needle felting, spinning, and hand-crank sock machines!

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