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The Bunkhouses

Published May 30, 2014.
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We have a liking for old bunkhouses. At one time (quite a long time ago) these mobile houses were a common sight on the prairie, travelling from farm to farm with the threshing crews but, now, they are pretty hard to come by. Luckily, we've managed to collect a couple over the years - a Big Bunkhouse that was a cookhouse for the crews and a Little Bunkhouse that would have been the sleeping quarters for about eight people. The dream has always been to one day turn them into beautiful little guest houses and THIS YEAR WAS THE YEAR!!

We've been bustin' our butts fixing them up this spring and, though not completely finished, the transformation is already quite remarkable. Unfortunately, it didn't occur to us to start documenting the process until we were halfway through, so early pictures are a bit sparse. We also don't have any photo's to share of us putting in the wool insulation or the wood-plank siding on the insides as we did these things a few years ago. No, matter; we are still pretty excited to share our recent progress!


The bunkhouses with their upgraded doors. Notice the old wagon chassis' underneath.


The Big Bunkhouse before the major reno's get started.

New windows into the big bunkhouse.

New windows into the Big Bunkhouse thanks to our multi-talented millwrights

Some recycled (new to us) flooring for the big bunkhouse.

Some recycled (new to us) flooring for the Big Bunkhouse.

Bigger windows and built in furniture for the little bunkhouse. Our neighbour gave us the beautiful distressed wool from her old grain bins!

A bigger window and built in furniture for the Little Bunkhouse. Our neighbour let us use some beautiful distressed wood from her old grain bins!

The old wood stove.

The old wood stove.

The little bunkhouse, ready for guests!

The Little Bunkhouse, ready for guests!

The detailing on the amazing teak furniture we found to outfit the Big Bunkhouse

The detailing on the amazing teak furniture we found to outfit the Big Bunkhouse

The big bunkhouse all made up!

The Big Bunkhouse all made up!

Soon, they will be in top shape for hosting our wonderful guests to the mill!


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