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Do-si-do Lopi Shrug Hug Pattern

Published December 3, 2015.
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If you haven't been to the mill lately, then you've been missing out on our Do-si-do Yarns; limited edition colourways carded into the softest merino and rambouillet 100% wool Lopi Soft Spun and Mule Spinner 1-ply.

Do-si-do Yarn

The Do-si-do Lopi Yarn is a personal favourite because it is big and bulky so knits up quickly into wonderfully soft cowls, shrugs, and scarves. It is perfect for knitting a last minute gift for someone who likes a bit of colour in their life, which is why we'll have it available this weekend, Dec 4 - 6, at Market Collective in Calgary. Below is my Shrug Hug pattern for your knitting pleasure. Designed to be a versatile winter garment, it can be worn as a hood, a cowl, or a shrug (honestly, it's kind of like taking a warm hug with you everywhere). It uses exactly one skein of the Do-si-do Lopi.

do-si-do cowl do-si-do hood Do-si-do Shrug

Note: This pattern is the property of Custom Woolen Mills and is offered for personal use only.


Materials: 1 skein Custom Woolen Mills Do-si-do Lopi Yarn


Needles: 8 to 9mm, long circular needles.


Gauge: 8 stitches = 4" in stocking stitch, though gauge isn't hugely important for this garment.



Cast on 74 stitches, place stitch marker, and join in round. Knit 2 rows.

* Purl 4 rows. Knit 5 rows*

Repeat * to * until desired length or end of skein, ending on a 2nd Knit row (be sure to leave enough yarn for the cast off).

Cast off and weave in ends.


Happy Knitting!



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