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Happy Holidays from Custom Woolen Mills

Published December 23, 2015.
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Well, that's a wrap folks. For us and many of you, our wonderful customers, the lead up to Christmas is a flurry of creating, crafting, markets, and general mayhem, but with the holidays now upon us, its time to stop and be thankful for the amazing people our little mill allows us to work with.


So, THANK YOU all you knitting fanatics, you felting fashionistas, you weaving wonders, you saddle-pad making cowboys and cowgirls. Thank you for valuing Canadian wool, Canadian labour, Canadian products. Thank you for taking pride in the artistry, intention, and quality of a hand-crafted item; for investing in something that transcends the throw-away consumer mentality that has become so common in our culture. Thank you for being you!


From us to you, we wish you the very happiest of holidays - one full of friends, family, wooly warmth, and cheer!



The Custom Woolen Mills Gang




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