Announcing the CWM Natural Dye Club 2017

We are so pleased to offer the inaugural Custom Woolen Mills Natural Dye Club subscription; a collaboration with fibre artist, Megan Samms. This subscription is a knit-along with a twist – it is also a grow-along and dye-along. What does that mean? That means we send you a kit with dye plant seeds for growing, natural […]

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Plant Colour: a guest blog by Megan Samms

Natural dyeing as a practice is equal parts chemistry, magic, and artistry. As well, sometimes accidents support colour exploration and one winds up with a colour completely unexpected and is pleasantly surprised. Of course, the opposite is true as well.   There are a few basic rules to follow when diving into the world of […]

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Maiwa Handprints Ltd 100% Organic Cotton Duvet Covers and Pillow Cases

Every manufacturer seems to have slightly different dimensions for how they size things and we are no different. We make our Cold Country Comforters large so that they hang over the side of the bed and everyone using them has lots of comforter to keep them warm. This can make finding the right size duvet […]

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How to Prepare Skeins for Vat Dyeing

It seems that we have been remiss for talking about “prepared skeins” for dyeing and not mentioning how you get those. Preparing skeins for dyeing is very simple; all you need is some cotton string for making ties and a bucket of soapy water. First, untwist your skein and place string ties every third of […]

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Dyeing with Onion Skins

The rich yellows, browns, and greens of harvest season in Alberta mark the arrival of fall; warm days, cold nights, and busy fields full of farmers hard at work. It’s also the time of year when we are hard at work capturing the summer’s bounty in skeins of wool – using marigolds and hollyhocks, golden rod, hops and onion […]

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First Steps Toward a Food Forest and Natural Dye Garden

Located in the middle of the beautiful prairie, the natural environment has always been a huge source of inspiration to us. As we have developed our little mill over the past four decades, minimizing our impact on the environment has been a huge focus of ours. Recently, we’ve found the ideas and principles of permaculture helpful in guiding […]

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Professional Development at The Woolmine

Once a year, the lovely Tracy Kuffner from The Woolmine brings in some top-notch instructors from the felting world and opens her workshop and home to 12 students for an intensive eight day workshop. Always game for an opportunity to do a bit of professional development and to hang out with a fabulous group of fibre enthusiasts, […]

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