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Maiwa Handprints Ltd 100% Organic Cotton Duvet Covers and Pillow Cases

Published August 22, 2016.
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Every manufacturer seems to have slightly different dimensions for how they size things and we are no different. We make our Cold Country Comforters large so that they hang over the side of the bed and everyone using them has lots of comforter to keep them warm. This can make finding the right size duvet cover a bit challenging at times (particularly for the larger King and Queen sizes), but we have a solution; we are so excited to now carry Maiwa Handprints Ltd Duvet Covers custom sized just right to fit our comforters. These hand-printed, naturally dyed, 100% organic cotton duvet covers are, quite literally, pieces of art that you put on your bed!


Maiwa is a Vancouver-based company with a big impact! If you are a fibre artist with an interest in natural dyes and traditional techniques, then you have probably heard of Maiwa before - their School of Textiles offers highly sought after classes on everything from rug hooking, to natural dyeing, to pattern design, and their small Granville Island store, Maiwa Supply, is a sure source for ethically produced natural dye powders and concentrates, and handprinted yardage. Their main Grandville Island store, Maiwa Handprints, offers a dizzying selection of garments, bedding, and furniture to send anyone who appreciates hand-crafted work on a shopping spree!


Maiwa started as the business venture of Charllotte Kwon, a weaver who fell in love with the artistry of traditional indian textiles. Working directly with villages in India that produce the traditional hand-printed Ajrakh, Dabu, and Kalamkari textiles, her mission was two-fold: to offer hand-printed, naturally dyed, 100% organic cotton textiles to the North American market, and to preserve centuries-old textile techniques that are fast becoming endangered. Today, she achieves this by paying prices that reflect the exceptional skill required to produce such textiles, creating economic self-sufficiency within the village and ensuring that these traditional methods pay their way into the future. To quote Maiwa Handprints - "It may be only a simple sheet, but for us it means the livelihood for many communities of artisans - natural dye farmers, block carvers, block printers, dyers, weavers, spinners, tailors. Colours are obtained from natural dyes. Indigo, madder, cutch, marigold are just some of the plants that are used to dye our linens, silks, cottons and wools." - good for people, good for the earth....what more can you ask for?


At Custom Woolen Mills we have always admired Maiwa's dedication to sustainable, ethical textiles. When we decided to look for a source of duvet covers to fit our comforters, we approached them as the number one option for offering our customers a product that we feel good about (acknowledging that there is no such thing as locally produced cotton in Canada). To our great joy, they agreed to make special order duvet covers to fit our extra large comforters!


We can't stress enough how beautiful these pieces are (it is actually amazing that any of them are making it to the store shelf - everyone in the mill wants one). Each duvet cover is made of two different uniquely printed fabrics so you can flip them to show a different pattern. You may be thinking that naturally dyed colour will not hold up to washing, but not so! To care for them, a simple machine wash on gentle in cool water with a neutral soap such as ZERO and either hang to dry or tumble dry on medium heat and you are good to go - these expertly crafted textiles will not fade any quicker than a chemically dyed duvet cover.


They are available in store only, so contact us for current selection and pricing. Alternatively, you can order directly from Maiwa, however, your will need to have them make a custom-sized one for you.







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