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This Infinity Scarf Can Become Two Hats

Published April 10, 2014.
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Some of us like yarn just about as much as (or maybe more than) we like making anything out of it......all those with a yarn stash say "I". Why? Because the strands of  yarn themselves are so beautiful; soft, full of texture, and available in an endless combination of colours and fibre blends. While our intentions are always good, actually getting around to making something with the yarn doesn't tend to happen at the rate at which we accumulate it. Enter the DIY No-Knit Infinity Scarf.


DYI No-Knit scarves were recently the topic of discussion at morning coffee break. There are lots of examples of them on the web (check out this one or this one) and we ladies were having a good giggle at the sillyness of making skeins on chairs from balls of wool when you could just purchase a skein to begin with (especially since making skeins is something we do all day). In full disclosure, I first made a No-Knit scarf to further the joke, but when I put it on, it was surprisingly comfortable...and it looked cool...and soon it was one of my favourite things to wear.


The catch is,  for a stasher, it really doesn't fix the problem. I mean, how many No-Knit scarves can one person have? So we got thinking; wouldn't it be great if you could enjoy the No-Knit scarf, lounging in the luxury of your latest yarn-store weakness, then, when you grow tired of it, have a built in plan for it to be upcycled into something new? Yes. Yes it would.

That is why we have decided to offer a No-Knit Infinity Scarf that is ALSO a kit for making two Simple Crocheted Hats. We call it The Three Fates Infinity Scarf. You choose your colours, we send you the scarf with upcycle instructions included, and you rock the scarf until something new catches your fancy. Then, you simply take it apart and proceed to crochet up a couple of hats to wear  or give away to friends. Awesome. And just think; should you ever find yourself with time to kill, you can simply take off your scarf and start crocheting!



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