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Sun-bleaching for Wool Bedding

Published October 22, 2015.
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We often get questions about how best to care for the 100% wool bedding that we make and sun-bleaching is one of the first things we recommend to people. Sun-bleaching is simply using the sun's UV rays to sterilize something.


A great thing about wool that makes it ideal for use in bedding is that it is naturally bacteria and fungal resistant. This means that, as long are you are using sheets and duvet covers to protect it from dirt and grime, the bedding itself will remain clean and healthy for long periods of time with just an occasional sun-bleaching rather than having to wash it with soap and water.


To sun-bleach, simply remove the bedding from any covering it may be in (duvet covers or pillow cases), and hang it in a sunny spot outside for a few hours during the middle of the day when the sun's heat is at its strongest. Flip it over during this time so that both sides of the bedding get exposure to direct sunlight. The sun's powerful energy will sanitize your bedding and the outside air will freshen it up. Easy-peasy.


If you do have need to wash your bedding using soap and water (like you spilt something on it, or it got dirt on it, or it is simply time for a more thorough cleaning), you can visit our Caring for Your Woolens page for washing instructions.

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