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Shop Update: New Rug Yarn and Kollage Square Needles

Published April 14, 2021.
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We've been catching up on some much needed updates to our online shop and have two new products available that we want to make you aware of - a new Mule Spinner 6-Ply Rug Yarn and Kollage Square Needles for knitting and crochet.

The Mule Spinner 6-Ply Rug Yarn is made from a blend of long wools, coarse alpaca, coarse mohair, and 10% nylon to make an incredibly strong yarn. It is perfect of making projects like heavy rugs, woven saddle pads, or farm house slippers. Available in a variety of base sheep shade solid and marled colours, as well as in an assortment of dyed-in-the-skein jewel tones (constantly updating as we dye more skein sets), it is also great for rug hooking if you don't mind the 10% nylon. And, at only $8.00/4oz skein, the price doesn't break the bank!


We are very excited about the other product new to our website, Kollage Square Needles for knitting and crochet. We became aware of these needles through a customer who is equally dedicated to supporting Canadian manufactured goods as we are and, after some research and trying the needles out, we decided we wanted to make these made-in-Canada needles available to our customers! As the name suggests, Kollage Square Needles have a square design rather than the traditional rounded design that most knitting needles and crochet hooks have - that's not a mistake. The ergonomic square design can decrease stress and strain on the hands, particularly for those who suffer from arthritis, carpel tunnel, or stiffness in their hands and fingers. Lots of knitting and crochet injuries come from overuse and the slightly different shape of the needles can modify movement to reduce that overuse strain. They can also be easier to grasp and use with accuracy for folks with extreme stiffness in the hands - a product intended to make the joy of knitting accessible to more people. Right now, we've got sets of DPN's, Interchangeable Circulars, and Crochet Hooks for you to check out!


Not only is the Kollage Square product unique and awesome, the company is owned by the non-profit agency Career Services, an agency in Ontario with a unique and awesome mandate. Career Services is dedicated to expanding employment opportunities for people with barriers to employment. By providing specialized supports, they help people with disabilities to pursue their work and life goals. Their knitting needle manufacturing business, Kollage Square, enables them to continue to provide inclusive training, real work experiences, and employment for those they serve. A mandate we're happy to promote and support!


That's all for now. We hope you are all enjoying some warm spring weather and making your way outside for the fresh, clean air! Until next time, enjoy your spring projects!

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