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Now Open for Self-Guided Tours!

Published July 13, 2021.
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Hello all you blog readers! We are very excited to say that, after careful review of the new Alberta Open For Summer covid 19 mandates and our own staff vaccination rates, we can safely allow tours through the mill again! This is a big step for us - seeing folks enjoy the history and experience of textiles in the making is a big part of what makes working in an industrial-revolution production facility feel worth it (because, otherwise, its pretty hot and uncomfortable). We've missed your smiling faces and enthusiastic enquiry over the last year and we sure are looking forward to welcoming you back.

We are, however, going to maintain a few precautions. To start, we are going to move forward with the self-guided tour format so that you can tour through the mill with your own party - we have some great information cards that explain about each step of processing and an observation deck from which you can see the mill in action. For self-guided tours, we can accommodate a party size of up to 8 people. We are also going to allow only one party in the mill at a time and ask that you limit your stay in the mill to a maximum of 20 minutes (only if there is another party waiting to look through, otherwise, you can stay and watch as long as you like). If you end up having to wait for your turn in the mill, it's a great opportunity to browse through our little retail shop or enjoy a peaceful moment in the countryside sitting on the shop porch.  We are a working business and our activities are dictated by our different production demands, so on any given day you will see more or less equipment running and different things happening throughout the mill (to see the most activity, be sure to come before 2pm), but we are always happy to answer any questions you come up with.  All this to say, if coming to see the mill in action has been on your list of to-do fun activities for the summer, well come on out!

Also, a parting hot tip for you blog readers - we have been developing new colours in many of our yarns which means both new, exciting colours on offer in the store (and soon online - we just got the Prairie Wool Bulky 6 Strand colours posted up there), and also a totally re-filled sale bin full of the last few skeins from old colour lots or even a skein or two of the new colours. Check out the yarns online over the next couple of weeks to be the first to get the new colours and to take advantage of the great deals in the sale bin!

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