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A Wise Women Knows Her Own Socks Too

Published October 16, 2018.
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We have a new colourway of sock yarn and that means a new Sock Yarn Name Competition!

Last year we started developing sock yarn colourways inspired by the phrase "a wise man knows his own socks". My dad, Bill - a founder of the mill, used to make that joke all the time but when you think about it, it's more than a simple pun. There is a lot to be said for knowing deeply the things you interact with on a daily basis - your clothing, your food, the community you live in - and socks are a pretty basic thing to know. Questions about how things are made, what materials go into them, how the people, animals, and environment involved were treated along the way, who they are made for, and what function they need to have, should be on the forefront of our decisions about what we choose to fill our personal lives with. I think it's a concept that many knitters can wrap their heads around. Why else spend the hours and money on a pair of hand-knit socks when you can buy wool socks at the local walmart for $1.33/pair (price checked at time of writing)? Knitters know there are more important things in the world than getting the most amount of stuff for the least amount of money, negative externalities be damned, and we here at the mill think that's pretty wise.

This year's CWM Sock Yarn colourway is inspired by a darn smart historical female of significance. Can you guess who she is based on the names of the yarn? Check them out in our online store and send your best guess in by email to with the subject “sock yarn competition”  - at the end of October we will put all the correct answers into a draw for 1 lb of the new sock yarn!

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