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High Seas Coffee Co.

Published May 15, 2017.
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We drink a lot of coffee at the mill so last year we decided it better match our business ethics - it should be respectful of people and the planet, support our local economy as much as possible, and taste good. After some research (and quite a few cups of coffee), we discovered that the perfect coffee was actually being roasted by High Seas Coffee Co. just 10 minutes away from the mill in the little town of Linden.


The folks at High Seas Coffee Co. started roasting coffee as a hobby about 8 years ago on a home built BBQ roaster. Now, they have a small business offering roasted-to-order mail delivery coffee the flavour and freshness of which rivals that of the tastiest available.

In 2016 they began running a small cafe on Central Ave, Linden. With only a few tables and window seating, the cafe is a low-key little place to make a stop, but don't let that deceive you - their coffee is top notch and so is their food. As a popular local haunt, the daily fresh-baked pastries (yes, that is right - fresh baked from scratch), grilled sandwiches, and soups go fast. You'll need to be there early if you want your choice of the selection, but it is well worth the effort. They open at 6am on account of the baking and by mid-morning the place is filled with the aroma of warm pastries and bread.


If you are making the trip out to visit us this summer, we definitely recommend you take the scenic route and head to High Seas for a cup of smooth, fresh coffee and a buttery croissant or a pound of coffee beans to take home.

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