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Feature Artist: Kristan MacIntyre Knitter's Jewellery

Published December 5, 2017.
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As we here at the mill are comparing Christmas wish-lists, we thought the holiday season might be a good time to tell you a bit about artist, Kristan MacIntyre, and her Knitter's Jewellery (just in case there is a knitter you want to dazzle with a great gift, or in case you know someone who is stumped on what to get their favourite knitter and you want to pass along a couple tips....).

We met Kristan MacIntyre this spring at Olds College Fibre Week where she was a vendor selling jewellery. Immediately we were enamoured with her beautiful craftsmanship and novel concept - functional knitter's jewellery. On display she had a series of bronze and silver darning needles, stitch markers, and buttons, all of which could either be worn as jewellery on a simple silver chain or used to weave in a yarn end or hold place in a pattern. HOW. AWESOME. IS. THAT. Not to mention her stunning bronze shawl pins.


Inspired by her own love of knitting, Kristan has been making jewellery for knitters for about 3 years now. She uses textures found in nature and around her urban Coquitlam home to imprint bronze, copper, and silver with intricate details of things like cedar leaves, knitting stitches, and siding shakes. Her needles and markers are work-hardened to be long lasting and effective in their function and can be removed, as needed, from their necklace pendant hooks.



We are pleased to offer an assortment of her jewellery in our store here at the mill - this saturday we have our holiday open house incase you need an excuse to come out to the mill! Some of her jewellery is also available in our online store (under Fibre Art Equipment & Accessories). Check it out!

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