Aeroxon Clothes Moth Trap

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Aeroxon Clothes Moth Trap
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Aeroxon Clothes Moth Traps are an odorless and non-toxic defence against the dreaded clothing moths that cause damage to wool, silk, and fur products. We use them in our mill and highly recommend them. They are pheromone traps that work by attracting and trapping the male moths, thereby limiting the ability of the moths to reproduce and cause a large scale infestation. The traps also alert you that clothing moths are present in your home; if you find adult moths in the traps, you know to inspect your woolens and silks for clothing moth larvae and take measures to remove them before severe damage has be done. 

The Aeroxon Clothes Moth Traps are sold in boxes of two individually packaged traps. They are extremely easy to set up and small enough to be placed in almost any space in your home where you may be storing woolen products. Once opened the pheromone is effective for approximately three months afterwhich the trap should be replaced. 

For more information on clothing moths, visit our Natural Moth Prevention webpage. 

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